Fábio Alves da Silva was born on July the 5th in 1975 in Salvador- Bahia where he has lived since then. Bachelor Degree in Civil Engineering at Federal University (UFBA), he had always been an English teacher even before being an engineering student. He studied at ACBEU for 7 years from 1993 until 2000 where he could take the basic course for 3 years and 4 years with post-graduate studies in different courses such as ALS I, ALS II (Advanced Listening Speaking), APE I, APE II (Advanced Pronunciation in English), TCE I, TCE II (Top Communication in English) and ACE I, ACE II (Advanced Communication in English). He has already had 20 years’ experience of working as an English teacher; this means he learned what to do based on his own extensive experience in motivational and innovative teachings to help students successfully to carry out tasks and use repair strategies appropriately and with confidence so that they can follow conversation at a natural speed.


Download this e-book for free as a present where you can find out what you need to do to learn English in English.

As we all know the foundation is essence of everything and English is not different. We need to consolidate our basic knowledge in order to eliminate the tendency of translation. You can also find important tips for learning how to study English from the basic way.

What English provides you

The universal language of the world!

Promotion at work

Being way ahead of your competitors


Being able to pack your bags and travel the four corners of the globe with great communication


Learning how to expand vocabulary, improve your pronunciation and have fun with songs is priceless

Movies and series

Watching your favorite movies and series with no subtitles

Lessons 100% in English

Having English classes with full interaction

What people are talking about?

Student testimonials

" Teachers are some of the most unsung heroes we have. You can tell by taking one look at what their jobs require but I need to thank you this unique teacher Fábio for being so helpful and kind every time I needed him. Thank you! It’s a simple but meaningful phrase to say how much grateful I am for your dedication, care, competence and responsibility. I have never seen a teacher with so much didactic and skill to teach. I just love his English. His pronunciation is impeccable. Tks a lot! "
" Um professor pra te levar para o próximo nível, até mesmo caso você já se ache experiente em inglês. Se você quer ter aulas com um profissional sério e ser, inclusive, cobrado para levar os estudos do idioma a sério , conheça este professor exemplar. "
" Excelente professor... fez a nossa vida aqui no Canadá muito mais tranquila... "

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