How about knowing what your level of knowledge is?

Start your online placement test now and find out what your level is. The multiple-choice test contains 100 questions separated into 10 different levels. Achieving 60% of each page, you will move to the next level.

Placement Test Rule

Each 6 correct answers of 10 questions, 60% of the questions, student will be able to pass to the next level, if the numbers of correct answers are less than 6, student will not be able to pass to the next level.

The first page corresponds to beginner 1 (beginner 1), the second one, beginner 2 (beginner 2) and so successively…

Page 1: Beginner 1

Page 2: Beginner 2

Page 3: Pre-intermediate 1

Page 4: Pre-intermediate 2

Page 5: Intertemediate 1

Page 6: Intermediate 2

Page 7: Upper

Page 8: Upper

Page 9: Advanced 1

Page 10: Advanced 1

If the numbers of correct answers are less than 6 on the first page, the student will be considered basic.

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