Fábio Alves da Silva was born on July the 5th in 1975 in Salvador- Bahia where he has lived since then. Bachelor Degree in Civil Engineering at Federal University (UFBA), he had always been an English teacher even before being an engineering student. He studied at ACBEU for 7 years from 1993 until 2000 where he could take the basic course for 3 years and 4 years with post-graduate studies in different courses such as ALS I, ALS II (Advanced Listening Speaking), APE I, APE II (Advanced Pronunciation in English), TCE I, TCE II (Top Communication in English) and ACE I, ACE II (Advanced Communication in English). He has already had 20 years’ experience of working as an English teacher; this means he learned what to do based on his own extensive experience in motivational and innovative teachings to help students successfully to carry out tasks and use repair strategies appropriately and with confidence so that they can follow conversation at a natural speed.

In the beginning, he thought the easiest way to learn a foreign language it was by translating everything to his Portuguese mother tongue as every beginner student. It started to be tough to learn on that way. Then, he learned that although translation might seem to be the fastest solution to understand a foreign language such as English, it could also be a trap to make students addicted to it. Once you are used to translation, it becomes even more challenging to get rid of this bad habit. So, he has developed a strategic and personalized study planning, prepared according to the students’ needs. This method makes students disciplined and motivated. What’s more, it helps students to be secure and confident when speaking English as well as it helps them to avoid translation. Fábio’s expertise in optimal learning strategies and he is a talented keynote speaker and trainer as well what makes him to have the ease to put his ideas forward smoothly . He has already acquired some of the skills and awareness such as proactivity, enthusiasm, self-motivation and above all leadership necessary not only to be challenged as an English teacher but also to make an effective contribution to the society, changing the lives of many people by helping them to reach their full potential in speaking English fluently.

What strucks people most is the fact of acquiring his fluency without ever living abroad. This fact gave him the background to know exactly what to do and what should be done to be good at speaking. Understanding the students’ tendency of translating everything into their mother tongue drove him to develop a specific and unique method to learn as children do, associating, repeating and above all having fun. He believes that the best way to learn a language is through entertaining yourself. In this way, students’ learning process is lighter and more effective. Fabio’s teaching and training method combines hard-hitting research, humorous stories, and hundreds of best practices to produce results. His passion is helping students to achieve their goals.

He is known for being an ethical, professional, determined, teachable, disciplined and persistent person.

“I believe everyone is able to get what they want to if they really desire for it. I also believe that success is made of consistency, discipline, willpower, passion as well as it is the result of dedication, resilience, the constant search for excellence, all based on values and principles.”

This is Fábio Alves, AN ENGLISH TEACHER!